UPDATE: Bank of America Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry 10 is now live. This app is unfortunately only available for touch-only devices, aka the Z3, Z10, and Z30. Check out the link at the bottom of the page to download it. The Bank of America Mobile Banking app is a webworks app, so if you’ve been using the mobile page to do your banking, you’ll notice it’s pretty much the same exact thing.


Under supported devices on the Bank of America mobile banking site, they list not only legacy BlackBerry support, but are also showing BlackBerry 10 device support as well! Murmurs indicate that the application will be available in short time in BlackBerry World. By the looks of it, it will be an Android port.

Bank of America has been available as an application on legacy devices since 2009. It’s great to see them getting around to BlackBerry 10 device support as well. Banking apps were one of the biggest holes in the BlackBerry ecosystem especially when looking at the U.S market, so this is a strong sign.

Assuming their website is reflecting their supported devices correctly you should be able to download the BB10 version as soon as tomorrow. We’ll keep this post updated with any official announcements. If it is indeed an Android port, just recently that version of the application got a big update.


Mobile features when you need them most:

  • All mobile features available except app alerts and Mobile Check Deposit
  • Available for touchscreen phones with BlackBerry® 10 only (Z3, Z10, and Z30)

Likely download link?