S4BB Limited has released a new version for Barcode Scanner for BlackBerry 10! The new version has been completely redesigned and has a cool new user interface. Barcode Scanner is now more than ever integrated with the BlackBerry 10 OS and recognizes different content types. You can perform various actions depending on the scanned content:

  • CONTACT INFO: save to address book, or directly compose an email or call phone number.
  • CALENDAR EVENT: add event to calendar.
  • URL: open website in browser.
  • EMAIL CONTENT: compose email
  • PHONE NUMBER: call phone number or add to address book.
  • BBM™ PINS: invite to BBM™.
  • GEO LOCATION: show location on BlackBerry® Maps or navigate to that location using BlackBerry® Maps.
  • PLAIN TEXT: copy to clipboard.
  • SMS: copy to clipboard.
  • WIFI: copy SSID or password to clipboard.

The new version of Barcode Scanner is available for free at BlackBerry World™ and compatible with BlackBerry 10. Barcode Scanner is also compatible with BlackBerry OS 6 & 7.

Download Barcode Scanner from BlackBerry World>>