Batman: Arkham Underworld Cheats and Strategies

Batman: Arkham Underworld cheats, tips and strategies

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the rope? Ever wondered what it’s like to be the villain in the underworld?

With the highly anticipated Suicide Squad movie coming up, everyone’s all hyped up and the best way to wait things out isn’t by just listening to the voices in your head.

Try playing Batman: Arkham Underworld instead.

While most (if not every) game ever released with Batman’s name on it were always aimed at helping Bruce Wayne’s alter ego fight the villains of the underworld, this game is nowhere near all the others.

Instead, Batman: Arkham Underworld gamers are given the chance to rule the underworld as villains, working side by side with the likes of Harley Quinn, the Riddler, and many others.

Interested in playing? Here are a few Batman: Arkham Underworld cheats and strategies to help you get started.

About the Gameplay

To prove that Arkham Underworld isn’t anything all the others, its makers started with the gameplay. Unlike all other previous games with Batman’s name on their titles, this game doesn’t play by the same rules. Instead, users already acquainted with strategy video game Clash of Clans will see something familiar. Those who aren’t, on the other hand, will see something totally unconventional.


In this game, Arkham Underworld users are tasked to complete quests, and these quests are more commonly known as Headlines. Gamers have quick access to these headlines through the newspaper icon that can be found on the upper left corner of the main menu. Tapping on this icon brings up all the different headlines that gamers can complete, with each headline having multiple levels in it. Completing these headlines multiple times will yield some highly coveted diamonds, and users are advised to collect as much of these as they possibly can.


In playing Arkham Underworld, you will realize that you have no absolute control over your thugs.

But you do have complete control over your supervillains.

Make sure not to let your supervillains fall behind your thugs as this will make your thugs vulnerable. Keep in mind that you need to tell your supervillains what to do next as soon as they complete a task to in order to get them to keep moving. Always reassign a new target for them to attack, or assign a new position for them to assume as soon as they’re done with the previous one.


Another important thing to consider when playing Arkham Underworld is the supervillain’s abilities. Each character has different strengths and abilities, and users are advised to assess them closely before taking on a mission. Different missions may require different strengths from a supervillain, and considering their abilities carefully in accordance to what a mission would require should help lighten the burden of any given mission.



Luxury might not be that important in the real world but it surely is in Arkham Underworld. Buying luxury every now and then will not only earn you the Respect that you need, it will also get you better thugs — one necessity you will find indispensable in protecting your world.


An underworld isn’t an underworld without the occasional raids being carried out by other villains, and the best way to protect your dominion from random attacks would be by placing thugs strategically in your hideout. Well-placed thugs have better chances of surviving longer, allowing them to shield themselves better.

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