Battery Watch for BlackBerry Updated

S4BB Limited has released a new update for Battery Watch for BlackBerry Smartphones. This update fixes minor bugs and improves the overall performance of the app. Battery Watch tracks your BlackBerry device’s battery performance so you can get an overview on various details such temperature and voltage, daily, weekly, and month battery performance and more.

Battery Watch is compatible with BlackBerry Smartphone OS 5.0 and up and BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 and up. You can get the app from App World for free.

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Battery Watch for BlackBerry Updated to v1.9 – Choose Between Basic & Professional Mode

S4BB Limited let us know that they have updated their popular Battery Watch app for BlackBerry to v1.9. The new update lets you choose between basic and professional mode. Battery Watch is the ideal app for people wanting to know the ins and outs on their BlackBerry® battery. With detailed information, line charts that display energy level over various amounts of time (day, week or month) and various notification options.

The  “Professional Mode” shows everything. Whereas “Basic Mode” shows you a simple quick overview and focuses mostly on the notifications.


  • Tracks battery status over time – Line chart visualization of battery state by day, week, month.
  • Integration into native BlackBerry® applications – Battery level indicator icon and battery state (full charged, charging, unplugged).
  • Running out of battery warnings – Adjustable warning level and notifications.

Battery Info Shown:

  • Battery Level
  • Battery Removable
  • Battery Status
  • Battery Temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit visualization support)
  • Battery Voltage
  • Device Name
  • Device PIN
Battery Watch is available for free in BlackBerry App World and the N4BB App Store.

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