Battlefield 1 Season Pass

Battlefield 1 Season Pass

Battlefield 1 was released a couple of weeks ago to critical acclaim, with fans raving about the gorgeous visuals, the extreme attention to detail and the unusually satisfying single player campaigns. It’s rather strange though, as in the past, multiplayer received all the praise, whilst the single player campaigns are usually short and mostly an afterthought. This year, however, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare have been receiving rave reviews for their single player campaigns. And with any online multiplayer game, comes an inevitable serving of DLC. So why should you spend your hard earned money buying the Battlefield 1 Season Pass? Let’s find out:

Reasons To Buy It

  • IT’S MORE OF THE SAME – Think about it. This is a critically acclaimed game. Why would purchasing its DLC be a bad thing? As long as there’s no micro transactions, though. Those are pure evil.
  • A PLETHORA OF NEW MAPS AND MODES – Who wouldn’t want this? Especially if it’s in the quality of the base game. The maps themselves will be set in other countries such as Russia. They promise to fully immerse you into World War I.

Reasons To Not Buy It

  • THE OUTRAGEOUS PRICE – Seriously, the season pass is ridiculously expensive. It’s almost the price of the game itself. I mean seriously, no game is really worth that. No game in history ever was or ever will be worth that. I promise. Unless it’s Grand Theft Auto VI, but that’s it! (Or The Last Of Us 2) (Or a de-annualized Call Of Duty Reboot)
  • WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CONTENT – Aside from the addition of more maps and modes, we have no idea what the rest of the DLC pack will contain. It could be retextured grass, for all we know. It might be a good idea to just wait until all is revealed before purchasing Battlefield 1’s Season Pass.

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