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BBHTool Updated to v2.4.9.4 – OS 7.1 Compatibility, Android APK Converter

If you want to get the most out of your BlackBerry and more importantly its OS, then look no further than BBHTool. Created by @theiexplorers, apart of BBH-Plus, they’ve released an update to BBHTool that brings many new features.

New features found in BBHTool v2.4.9.4 includes:

  • Added APK Converter/Signer (PlayBook tab)
  • Added Drag/Drop and Clear button to File Swapper (Build-A-Hybrid tab)
  • Added option to Open OTA Downloader save folder after download
  • Changed .APK handling (PlayBook tab)
  • Changed functionality of the Settings -> Start Tab
  • Fixed warning messages that show for Latin Truetype (Default font) and Ringtones
  • Fixed Tweet Shrink Results/Tweet Shortened Link (Hopefully! Works with Chrome)
  • Fixes to “Put It Back” feature
  • Fixes to various shrink items
  • Updated Shrinking to work with OS 7.1
  • Updated skins
  • Various minor UI fixes/adjustments

Download BBHTool v2.4.9.4 here.

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