The new BBM 10.3 is here, and has brought a ton of a new features along with it. So far, those of us using it love the update, but unfortunately some people have encountered issues getting the new BBM to even open up. Some users may see the error message shown above, while others may not be getting any message at all, as the app simply closes on its own. So far, everyone we’ve seen with this problem has one thing in common: they’re running a version of OS 10.2.1 that’s not It seems that like with the BBM beta, anyone running a 10.2.1 OS that’s below the mark encounters these issues.

The solution for this BBM issue is simple: load or a 10.2 OS. I’d highly suggest loading the leak, as it’s basically the same one that’s rolling out to carriers across the world. For your convenience, we’ve posted the download links below for each device’s

As always, we at N4BB are not responsible should you mess up your device loading a leak, but hey the odds of that happening are pretty slim. If there are any other issues with the new BBM on another OS, sound off in the comments below, and we’ll look into it as well.