There’s a new BBM Beta available for testers today, and it brings a pretty cool new feature to try out.

Private Chat: make sure your sensitive messages are kept confidential. In a private chat, all contact information is hidden, and new message notifications are discreet. Your chat is automatically deleted on both ends when the chat is inactive or closed. To start a private chat, open the menu from within a 1:1 chat and select “Start Private Chat”. Private chat is included in the new Privacy and Control Subscription, which bundles several powerful features into one convenient subscription.


Also included in the beta is a new Quote Message feature

Quote Message: Reference and reply to a previous message in your chat. To quote a message, tap and hold on it and select “Quote Message”.

If you’re testing out BBM for BlackBerry 10, head on over to the Beta Zone app and update BBM to check out all these new features.