BlackBerry has rolled out an update to the BBM Channels beta. Users who are apart of the program in the BlackBerry Beta Zone can now download the new update. The update includes the following features:

  •  Multi-Threaded Comments – don’t worry about your comments getting lost ever again! Reply directly to comments to have more engaging conversations in BBM Channels.
  • Delete Comments – manage the content posted in your channel.
  • Date of Birth Verification – authenticate yourself when you sign up for Channels so we are providing the correct experience for your age group.
  • Office Hours – let subscribers know when you’re available to chat! Set office hours from your channel profile so subscribers know when you can be reached.
  • Enhanced BlackBerry 10 Updates Tab within BBM: liking and commenting has never been easier. You can now like and comment on your favourite posts straight from the updates tab! You can also ‘tap’ on pictures from a Channel post to see them grow full size.
  • Verified Badge – no need to wonder if the channel you’re following is authentic. Now you can look for the verified badge for selected channels in profile, search results, and carousel. Check out the Blue Jays and BlackBerry Channel for some examples of how badging looks!
  • Reporting Content – you can now report channels, posts, and comments as inappropriate so BlackBerry can review and address.

Get the new BBM Channels update from the BlackBerry Beta Zone here.