Those of you trying out BBM Channels might want to go to the Beta Zone and download the latest update, available for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 devices. Check out what’s new:

  • Search for Channels – Within the “Browse Channels” tab on BlackBerry 10 and the “New Channel” tab on BBOS, users may now search and discover new Channels.
  • Active Text for Channel ID’s Within BBOS (5, 6, and 7) – Whenever a BBM Channel ID is noted within BBOS, users can select the Channel ID to open up the channel within BBM. *Coming soon to BB10, but not in this release!*
  • Deleting My Own Channel – Users may now delete their own Channels from the device. The Channel will be deleted from any subscriber’s devices as well.
  • Support for Animated GIF’s – Users may now add an animated GIF to their post, bringing motion and a richer experience to their channels. Check out the bonus animated gif pack under the download tabs that we’ve posted to help you test out this new feature!
  • View Subscriber Count Within a Channel’s Preview Screen – Users may now see the total number of subscribers to a Channel, from the Channel preview screen.
  • Repost Channel Content – BBM Channels now allows users to repost content they like in channels they subscribe to, into their own Channel.

Remember you have to be a member of the Beta Zone to download this. Download BBM Channels from the Beta Zone and let us know what you think!