*Update* – The recent iPhone BBM version brought back the emoticons. Android version still has them missing.

BlackBerry just recently released BBM for iPhone and Android. Parts of BBM are still missing from the full BlackBerry 10 version, such as BBM Voice/Video and Channels. BlackBerry intends to release these features in a series of updates later in the year and into 2014.

However, something else is missing too. As I was using BBM for iPhone I went to use an emoticon I frequently send to friends. But, gasp! The emoticon I wanted to use was gone!

BlackBerry 10 BBM has 74 emoticons. Whereas, iPhone and Android’s BBM only has 72 emoticons. For some reason the “not interested” and “shhh” emoticons are absent.

If you try sending one of them from BlackBerry 10 to an iPhone or Android it gets sent as an alternate emoticon, which could accidentally have an entirely unintentional emotion.


It is quite a strange anomaly. We’ll try to get to the bottom of it figure out why BlackBerry gave these two emoticons the boot. Can you live with or without these emoticons? Sound off in the comments.