One of my biggest problems with BBM for Android and iPhone is apparently being addressed in the latest BBM beta. Since its multi-platform launch, the lack of notification controls for BBM Groups on iPhone and Android has been incredibly annoying for anyone that’s in any type of active groups. Every time someone posts a message in a group, you would get the same exact notification as you would with a regular BBM. You can’t just completely shut off BBM’s notifications altogether because then you may miss an important message. Thus, the problem.

In contrast, on BlackBerry, BBM Groups can be customized to be muted, have no LED, vibration, or sound notification. They can also be withheld from the Hub as to be the least intrusive possible, if the user so desires it. While BlackBerry has yet to move this function over to BBM for iPhone and Android officially, it seems the problem won’t be around for long.

On Twitter this afternoon, I got the tweet mention shown below from Gregory Ryan (@frenzyOU) regarding this exact annoyance on BBM for Android/iPhone, which pretty much made my day.


Apparently, one of the features of the latest BBM for Android and iPhone beta that’s been overlooked by many is the ability to control BBM Group notifications. As shown in the picture above, beta testers right now can mute notifications from Groups, and group pictures altogether with one simple toggle in the Group settings menu.

This function cannot be pushed to the official client soon enough. I’ve personally decided not to invite people that I know use an iPhone or Android because of this lack of notification control, so I’m very happy to see them finally acknowledging the need for this addition.

Hopefully the BBM team pushes the go ahead button on this update sooner rather later so we can go back to enjoying groups on BBM for Android and iPhone.