BlackBerry’s BBM was an instrumental tool in bringing down a rather large corruption ring in Brazil recently. “Operation Car Wash” was a money laundering and bribery scheme involving members of the petroleum company Petrobas.

Prosecutors have received a few confessions from those involved in the scandal, but thanks to a warrant and the help of BlackBerry, they were able to obtain conversations the perpetrators had using BBM.

As it turns out, the plot involved not only employees of Petrobas, but also a good number of Brazilian politicians. After reviewing the mostly “mundane” transcripts of the exchanged messages, the Wall Street Journal found a few damning messages that no doubt will help the prosecution in their case.

One such message from a man nicknamed LA stated, “We will dominate this country.”

Dozens of employees of Petrobas, both current and former, are currently being charged with allegations of corruption and money laundering, although no trials or convictions have happened yet.

In case you’re wondering how the Brazilian government was able to get access the secure messages within BBM, it was all done legally and with the full participation of BlackBerry.

While the company declined to comment, they did point out their position on requests from legal authorities. Their position states that they balance any requests from legal authorities for “lawful access assistance” against “our priority of maintaining privacy rights of our users.”