Did you follow the N4BB Live podcast a few days ago? We extensively talked about BBM cross-platform and how it was scheduled to release on September 12th. However, it was delayed, but not because of BlackBerry. Apple was the blame.

Now to add credence to our claims, BlackBerry’s┬áSenior Strategic Account Manager, Alex Kinsella, has tweeted the following:

“Just in case we forgot to mention, BBM for iPhone was submitted for review 2 wks ago. #waiting #BBM4ALL

I had always wondered if Google or Apple would give BlackBerry a problem with BBM. Apple’s approval process typically takes about 5 business days. Obviously, something is keeping BBM from getting approved for Apple’s App Store.

No word on the approval status for BBM on Android. However, it would seem like BlackBerry wanted to simultaneously release BBM for iOS and Android.