BlackBerry’s BBM app for iPhone has mysteriously gone missing from the Apple App Store.

At least, that’s what it showed at first in the USA app store. Checking to corroborate the tip from AgentJucey, the Apple App Store notified that BBM was no longer available in the US store, but was still available to me in Australia.

However, that was not true either. It appears, BBM has been completely pulled from the Apple App Store, irregardless of the location set within the App Store.

Hopefully, this is simply a fluke and we will see BBM return to the App Store. A more depressing scenario would be if Apple pulled BBM for one reason or another.

Are you still seeing BBM listed in the Apple App Store? Let us know in the comments. We’ve reached out to Apple and BlackBerry to comment on this matter and we will update this article accordingly.

*UPDATE* – We’ve learned that someone at BlackBerry accidentally goofed with the last BBM update. Here’s what we’ve been told as to why users do not currently see BBM in the Apple App Store:

The update was incorrectly posted meaning it was pointing users to a beta version. It has now been resolved (at the back end at least; so before long, users searching will be able to find the app properly again).”