Since the very beginning of N4BB, nearly five years ago when we were originally called BBLeaks, it was my goal to build out sites for other platforms.

As BBLeaks grew tremendously, I put the idea of building out sites for other platforms on the back-burner. Over the years N4BB has accumulated some likeminded editors, which also use all of the leading mobile devices.

We’re all huge BlackBerry fans, and have been for years. However, we have this urge to own and try out the latest and greatest in the mobile industry. I have all of the leading mobile devices, but still make the personal choice to use the Z30.

Though, simply preferring to use the Z30 as my daily driver, does not mean I’m not well versed in the other mobile platforms. I believe it goes without question for our editors too.

This is why, today, we are officially announcing our plan to cover other mobile platforms. We will be starting out with, to cover the latest in the Android sphere.

Eventually, we plan to roll out sites for Apple, Windows Phone, Firefox, and smartwatches under the Uber Media Group umbrella. This might have been evident from the network bar at the top of N4BB for the last few months.

What will happen to N4BB? Absolutely nothing negative! We’ll keep pumping out great exclusives and coverage as we’ve always done. However, if you’re interested in staying up-to-date on what’s happening with the other platforms… we’ll have sites for that.

Our unique forums will be tied to all of the sites within our network. This allows you to effortlessly maintain one account with the ability to visit each site and comment.

If you’d like to keep up with Android news, please visit, follow us on Twitter @ImIntoAndroid, Google+, and Facebook and download the official Into Android app from the Google Play store here.