BlackBerry has worked diligently to expand BBM and its value-added services. BBM was opened to multi-platforms and will soon be available on Windows Phone.

Additionally, BBM has been tailored to the enterprise market with BBM Protected. Enterprises can utilize BBM for secure chats inside the enterprise and it allows those chats to be locked.

However, BlackBerry isn’t stopping BBM’s expansion. The company plans to attack another market long held by GoToMeeting and WebEx. In an interview with the Jakarta Post, BlackBerry’s president for global enterprise solutions, John Sims, gave further details:

We will [also] soon be launching something called BBM Meetings. It is a service that allows voice and video conferences for groups of about 25 people.

It will initially be launched as an enterprise service this year and we will also expand it to the consumer market sometime next year […] It will have a presence on BlackBerry devices, iOS and Android. It will be on tablets and we will also have a desktop version.

Sims doesn’t clarify exactly how the BBM Meetings will function. Or, if it will be accessible in the recently launched Blend desktop and tablet client. Nevertheless, it’s great to see BlackBerry is really looking to expand BBM’s horizon and feature set.

Let us know in the comments what other innovative features BlackBerry could integrate into BBM to expand its potential.

Source :

Jakarta Post