Acision recently announced the results of their annual research on UK and US messaging trends. The study found that both the UK and US users share similar results. A quick synopsis of the results:

  • US OTT messaging usage driven by speed (50%), rich features (36%) and reliability (35%), but UK Smartphone users also vote cost (47%) as a mitigating factor
  • In the UK, 18 to 25 year old Brits are the most prolific ‘messagers’, sending around 225  messages a week – over 22% more than any other UK age group surveyed
  • By fast tracking Rich Messaging / RCS, operators can provide unique value across all service requirements while building a path to monetisation through usage analytics and new features

Of those prolific British users, it was found the most popular messaging tool used was BlackBerry Messenger. These users send an average of 110 messages per week.

Perhaps given how close the UK and US users resemble one another, this is the reason BlackBerry decided to open up BBM to other mobile platforms. It would make sense that the company could pull in more marketshare for the IM space.

Source: Acision

via BBOS