BlackBerry is investigating whether the BBM unit and enterprise extensions can begin facilitating money transfers in nascent markets where IM services far outplay plain SMS. John Sims, President of the Enterprise unit told Re/Code in an interview on Tuesday:

“We’re meeting with partners and we are exploring the market. Money movement is an important thing.”

While moving money is important, it’s not an easy task to get everyone on board under the same umbrella. For a couple of years now, lots of companies have looked at NFC and other technologies to manage payments in mature markets.

BlackBerry sees the potential in developing markets where BBM still rules supreme, such as Indonesia and parts of Latin America. As we already know, last year, BlackBerry began testing a BBM Money service in Indonesia in conjunction with the local Bank Permata.

BBM has 85 million monthly active users and has had daily registration rates go up 40% since BBM for Gingerbread launched. This, without a doubt, has had a major impact in its growth.

We’ll see where BBM Money ends up, but for now, it’s definitely looking like BlackBerry has more of a sense of direction than ever before with their messaging app, and controlling that could yield some good rewards.