BBM’s latest update was a big one, but it brought along a change that many users were not happy with in the way the emoticon picker worked. If you’ve download this update, you’ll have noticed that when you click the emoticon button/picker, you would land on the BBM stickers tab instead of emoticons’ tab. For many, this added step was just simply annoying. Thankfully, BlackBerry has heard your feedback, and has issued a hotfix update today to address that.

With the new update, the emoticon picker will land on two different tabs depending on what you’re doing:

  • If the text field is blank, the emoticon picker will take you left most sticker pack.
  • If you’ve written words in the text field, pressing this emoticon button will instead take you to emoticons tab.

For me, this is definitely a compromise I can personally live with. We know BlackBerry is trying to push stickers out to the masses so this will be a great way of promoting them and getting more people to use them, while still letting us emoticon fans quick access to them in the middle of a message or conversation.

This new update is just rolling out now, so keep an eye out on those updates tabs in your respective app storefronts to download it.