Like BlackBerry World, that celebrated its sixth year of existence, the BBM Shop also has a birthday this week, its first, and BlackBerry has shared some interesting stats and milestones that have been achieved during this first year.

Stickers Sent (since April 1, 2014):

  • More than 1.87 billion total
  • Currently 500 million per month
  • 20 percent of sticker-enabled users send at least 1 sticker per week
  • The average sticker user sends about 10 stickers per week

BBM Shop:

  • More than 1.5 billion total visits
  • Currently 250 million per month
  • Inventory of more than 250 items
  • Average BBM Shop user visits about 3 times per week

BlackBerry also included the chart above which shows increase in sticker usage, and BBM Shop visits over the past year. Personally, I use stickers a ton, but I think a big chunk of both statistical increases has to do with how BlackBerry has set up BBM in its current form. Stickers, for example, were made to be the first selection over emojis before you start typing a message. On the BBM Shop side, its tab in BBM pretty much always has a spark on it (whether there’s something new or not) and the only way to get rid of it, is to visit the BBM Shop and then click out. I’m not saying these are the only reasons people visit the BBM Shop, but I’d be willing to bet a large number of visits are simply done to clear the spark.

We’re also expecting a new BBM beta some time this week, it’ll be interesting to see what other improvements or enhancements to the BBM Shop BlackBerry makes.

What changes would you like to see come to the BBM Shop? Sound off below.