BlackBerry is actively seeking to make BBM one of it’s primary sources of revenue generation. The company saw relative success when it launched the service cross-platform.

It is estimated that BlackBerry could see revenue stream in the billions from BBM with its Shop and Meetings feature.

BBM now has a new beta rolled out to select users. James over at BerryFlow has access to the beta and found two new features.

The newest BBM beta allows you to share multiple photos in a single chat versus one at a time:


Group chats now allow users to share their BBM stickers inline with discussion:


BlackBerry is certainly working hard to enhance the features of BBM. However, many are wondering when they’ll fix the plethora of issues with the cross-platform versions.

For example, the iOS version of BBM is riddled with bugs, the largest being the inability to toggle Group notifications. This has been one primary reason many users with iPhones and iPads have discontinued their use of BBM.

BlackBerry also plans to eventually use native UI to the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone versions of BBM. BlackBerry had originally believed if they had BBM resemble the native BB10 UI it would attract new users to the platform. Unfortunately, it was counterproductive.

Nevertheless, BBM remains a top contender in the cross-platform messenger market and it’s great seeing BlackBerry spearheading new features to enhance its feature catalog.

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