*UPDATE* – We spoke to an AT&T rep who informs us that BBM Video Chat will only be available with the mobile share plans. This is the same requirements they have for FaceTime on iOS.

While chatting with Niko, he discovered something interesting. He went to initialize a BBM Video Chat, but over the carrier network.

Turns out, that’s a ‘no no’ if you’re on AT&T. The message reads that a user must use WiFi or ‘enable Video Calling’ on their account. In other words, AT&T will likely have a Video Calling plan you’ll have to add onto your existing monthly plan.

Verizon Wireless does a similar shyster move by charging customers an extra $20/month for Mobile HotSpot usage. Granted, that does include an additional 2GB worth of data.

AT&T hasn’t had the greatest track record with these kinds of BlackBerry features. Customers may remember that the BlackBerry Bridge feature was first blocked by the carrier. This was speculated due to the ability to use your mobile internet on the PlayBook via the Bluetooth connection from Bridge.

Knowing that AT&T will likely charge you extra to use BBM Video Chat over the network, does that change your plans to use the feature? Or, were you simply going to use it on WiFi anyways?