If you are a frequent reader, by now, you know I have been complaining about the need for BBM to reach the Windows Phone platform. This week at Mobile World Congress, Nokia announced that the famous messaging application will make its way to its Windows 8 phones. Believe me when I say that this is a big deal.

Like it or not Windows Phone 8 has quickly picked up steam in the last few quarters. Whether it’s the quality of the devices, or Microsoft’s endless money pit marketing is up for debate. Microsoft has been able to secure major apps like Netflix, Spotify, Instagram and plenty of banking apps for its smartphones. To conclude, the Windows Phone ecosystem is growing fast and along with it, its market share.

BlackBerry is placing a huge bet on BBM. The introduction of BBM for Android and iPhone was met with huge enthusiasm, and it showed in the amount of downloads we saw. One major obstacle for the new users was that they couldn’t communicate with all their friends and that made apps like WhatsApp still a necessity. This will no longer be the case. In a weird twist, BBM can easily convert some Skype users once BBM video arrives.

I strongly believe that a partnership between Microsoft and BlackBerry could be very beneficial for both companies. The inclusion of Windows Phone 8 support for BES12, BBM for WP8 and Skype in BlackBerry World shows a healthy relationship is brewing. Hopefully we see a native Skype application and more of Microsoft’s offerings reach BlackBerry’s storefront, Office Mobile anyone?

I want to hear what you guys think. Should BlackBerry embrace Microsoft or do you feel that BBM shouldn’t have made its way to a platform competing for the same number 3 spot? You know how I feel, so sound off in the comments!