For those who were quick to register for the Windows Phone BBM Program in BlackBerry Beta Zone, the download is now officially available to you.

The BBM Beta for Windows has a couple features that are going into testing prior to an official launch on the platform.

  • BBID Setup and Log-in (for Whitelisted BBIDs)
  • Create BBM Profile
  • Invite a contact and suggested contacts (people you know)
  • 1-to-1 & Multi-person Chat
  • Contact Categories
  • Manage Settings
  • BBM Groups
  • Pin to Start
  • Notifications and in-app “splats” for new content. See them in Feeds, Contacts when they’ve sent you a message, etc.

Check your emails for further instructions and be sure to hit up the discussion boards and in submit feedback on what you like, and what you don’t.

Seeing as the BBM application on this platform is built to match the aesthetic of the platform it will be fun to get started testing it out and comparing it to the iOS and Android versions.

We’ll be back with more coverage on this front.