Earlier today, BlackBerry announced that they’ve reached 20 million active iOS and Android users in one week. To call this a success is an understatement.

There’s still critics of BBM, but for the most part, even the original naysayers are either crickets or are acknowledging their surprise.

The additional 20 million active users have pushed up BBM to 80 million active users. BGR pulled in the figures from BBM’s competitors and found:

“It took Path 16 months to get to 10 million users after the revamped service was launched in the beginning of 2012. Kik took two years to hit 30 million users; Viber took two years to hit 50 million. It took LINE one year to get to 40 million users — and that was considered a stellar success back in 2012.”

Garnering 20 million active new users in one week is superb. BBM for iOS and Android is expected to reach 40 to 50 million active users by Christmas. BBM could certainly be catapulted to 100 million overall active users in a very short time.

What’s even more surprising is BBM’s consistency to stay a top 5 downloaded app. Within its first day of launch, it already made it to the #1 free downloaded app in Apple’s app store. Now, it currently resides as #2 in the extremely harsh US and UK markets.

It doesn’t stop with just those two markets. As BGR reported, BBM is “holding onto No. 1 positions in India, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa. It is a deep reach across Latin America, Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia.”

The important thing now is for BlackBerry to appropriately monetize BBM. The upcoming Channels feature will eventually be one form of monetization for the mobile social network.

Perhaps BlackBerry will seek to monetize the Voice/Video calling features to iOS and Android users? Regardless, BlackBerry has successfully jumpstarted their multi-platform messenger battle. Lets just hope the company can make it monetarily beneficial.