No BBX Superphone Unveiling – Does That Matter to You?

No BBX Superphone Unveiling – Does That Matter to You?

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A lot of people were hoping Research In Motion would unveil a BBX Superphone at DevCon 2011. Personally, I had my hopes up and eagerly awaited the keynote from RIM’s co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis. However, RIM only announced the new BBX platform, touched on PlayBook OS 2.0, showed the process to port Android apps to the BBX platform, and a bit more.

For the consumers who paid attention to the announcements, many of them were left with mixed feelings — so were the press. Already, stories claiming RIM ‘blew it’ started hitting the interwebs. Did they? Should RIM have utilized their time to also showcase their future in hardware by unveiling a BBX Superphone? Perhaps RIM did not showcase a BBX Superphone in fear it would deter possible BB7 device sales. Whatever the case may be, vote in the poll and sound off in the comments on how you came away from the initial DevCon 2011 announcements.

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