With the announcement and demonstrations of the BlackBerry PlayBook and QNX operating system, theme developers have been trying to replicate the same look and feel. BeAmplified theme is a take on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. This theme boasts many great features, from custom made icons or standard OS6 icons, to the playbook style layout with tiled apps in the center and a four part dock giving you access to loads of apps straight from your homescreen.

Theme has 6 pre-defined apps that slide side to side on your homescreen, apps are as follows:
Messages – Calendar – BlackBerry Messenger – Browser – Music – Pictures

All panel – Icons 1-5 based on device order
Social panel – Facebook (launches Facebook for BlackBerry – not included), BlackBerry Messenger and Twitter (launches Twitter for BlackBerry – not included)
Media panel – music, videos, pictures, camera and voicenotes
Favourites panel – Icons 6 – 10 based on device order

To hide center panel click the back button
To show the center panel click spacebar

alt+p = Pictures
alt+q = Music
alt+b = Clock
alt+v = QuickLaunch (app not included in theme)
$ = sms inbox – must be set as $ under options> screen/keyboard> currency key

Currently BeAmplified is only available on Curve, Tour, Bold, and Pearl models. Touchscreen version should be available soon.

BeAmplified is available for $4.99, but it is being introduced at only $2.99! This promo price is only available until Monday, Click Here to purchase it now!