Bell Canada Launch Date and Price of BlackBerry 10 Leaks

Bell Canada Launch Date and Price of BlackBerry 10 Leaks

BlackBerry 10 set to launch in under three weeks, with many carriers recently expressing their intention to carry the devices. Among those, Bell Canada may have just (very unintentionally) dropped us a hint of their intended “street date” and pricing of the smartphone.

What is interesting is the relatively late launch date for Bell, Feb 28th, which is almost a month after the official launch date.  This could either indicate a slow start to the all-touch smartphone for Bell customers in Canada, or the actual launch date for the keyboard version of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.  This is possible, as Thorsten has said the keyboard version (known unofficially as the X10 or N-Series thanks to various leaks) should appear about 4 weeks after the all-touch BlackBerry 10 device.  It just so happens that Feb 28th is pretty close to 4 weeks after Jan 30th too!

The price of the device is set at a relatively high 799$, pricing it even higher than the base model of the super-popular Apple iPhone.  This may be for the 32GB BlackBerry 10 smartphone, and if so, should place it on par with most high-end smartphones.  If this is to be for the 16GB version, pricing may be an issue for consumers who may not want to dish out so much for a new smartphone.  This comes after the massive price discounts to the BlackBerry PlayBook in order to move inventory.

Do you think its the all-touch or keyboard version BlackBerry10 smartphone?  16GB or 32GB (or even the 64GB version).  Is 799$ too high for RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 device?  Let us know with a comment!

Thanks agentjucey in the N4BB forums!

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