At BlackBerry Jam Americas, it was announced that the BlackBerry 10 Browser was also completely overhauled. Instead of the AIR-based browser that is used on the PlayBook, BlackBerry 10 will ship with a new and improved browser. The differences in the user interface are quite clear, but what about the “under the hood” changes?

We will be testing the sunspider, and HTML5. Two of the most popular browser benchmarks for mobile.


The sunspider benchmark tests the javascript processing capability. This test relies heavily on processor power and is not really indicative of the quality of the javascript engine. With lower numbers being better, the Dev Alpha reaches a nice 1698 +/- 1.0%.

The performance isn’t class-leading, yet it quite respectable when it comes down to this benchmark.  With the 4G LTE PlayBook registering in with probably one of the top scores in this benchmark, you can be sure to see this score improving as the software gets ready for primetime.


The HTML5 score can be measured at the, where out of a score of 500, the BlackBerry 10 browser breaks its own record and hits an amazing 465 plus 10 bonus points.

The score isn’t a surprise as Thorsten Heins has said himself that leading the pack in HTML5 is a priority for RIM as they provide a better toolkit for web developers.

With these impressive scores, BlackBerry 10 is no slouch.  Also consider that this build,, is by no means a final build and much optimization is taking place to improve the browser.  Let’s hope RIM can deliver an outstanding browser when BlackBerry 10 launch in Q1 2013!