Rumors have started to swirl as Best Buy has canceled many orders for customers who purchases a BlackBerry PlayBook. The Best Buy forums have begun filling up with calls from sad customers claiming the retailer “overextended” itself and that they were even charged as their shipment appeared to be processing.

Best Buy has gone as far as to pull the PlayBook entirely from their listings. Typically, if the retailer was out of stock or the product was on back-order, they would keep the product listed. One of the more probable causes that has been suggested is Best Buy sold all of their stock of PlayBooks and are hesitant to re-order anymore. Best Buy likely does not want to have a repeat of holding a lot of inventory, as they did with the HP TouchPad.

RIM has been doing all that they can to move PlayBooks. What many are calling the “fire sale” that occurred in Canada was greatly successful. RIM has even given away free PlayBooks under certain conditions. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how retailers react once their current stock is cleared. Rumor has it RIM plans to change the hardware on newer PlayBooks once PlayBook OS 2.0 is officially released. Perhaps retailers are waiting for the PlayBook second edition to release before buying up more stock in an otherwise unstable sell-through product?

via Electronista