Cheap Alternatives to GoPro in 2016
Best GoPro Alternatives

Looking for the best GoPro alternatives? Here’s what we’ve gathered so far;

Ever since the ultra-popular GoPro Hero was launched over a decade ago, the box-shaped action camera has set new standards when it comes to action-taking camera recorders. Its incredible durability and its ability to take 2K, 4K, and even high-def videos and stills has given it an edge over other regular camcorders and digital cameras.

But all these fantastic features that come with GoPro action cameras are not cheap and may cause a huge dent on consumers’ pockets. For sports and action enthusiasts with a lot of many to spare, this is no problem. But for the average Joe, who wish to own feature-packed action cameras, this can be a problem. People are constantly looking for cameras like GoPro but cheaper.

That’s why we’ve decided to come up with a list of the best GoPro alternatives that include choices that won’t hurt consumer pockets.


Whether it’s your budget that’s keeping you from getting yourself that much-coveted GoPro or you just simply want to get something similar yet different, we’re sure you’ll find something that’s good enough for you here. Some might even be better than GoPro.

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