Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases & Covers

The new iPhone 7 Plus is a very good smartphone, and you might want to invest in a new case for it. Here’s a list of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases and covers.

By now, you must have already received your brand new iPhone 7 Plus that you ordered. Some may have even got their hands on the limited Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. You might want to protect your brand new smartphone with a case or a cover.

Yes, some may not like covering their new stylish smartphone with a case, but most of us do like to protect it, since it’s so expensive. For those, we have compiled a list of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases and covers that are available for purchase.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Cases and Covers

First, we have listed a few clear cases for the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus, as you may want to show off that glossy black color. Although it’ll look much better without a case, we recommend at least a clear case to keep the phone scratch free. The Jet Black iPhone 7 is a scratch magnet.

Of course, these cases will also look good on Rose Gold, Black, Silver and Gold colors as well. No discrimination here.

Clear Cases for Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus

Poetic Affinity Case


Poetic is a well known brand when it comes to iPhone cases, and their Affinity series is one of our favorite clear cases. The Affinity iPhone 7 Plus case provides great overall protection, as well as adds style to your smartphone. That Poetic logo at the back looks really nice.

This is a thin case that hardly adds any bulk to the iPhone 7 Plus. The edges are soft TPU whereas the back and most of the sides is polycarbonate. A grip pattern on the side helps prevent the phone slipping from your hand.

You can purchase this from for about $10, which is a very good deal.

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Otterbox Symmetry Case


Otterbox is known for their rugged iPhone cases, however, the symmetry series is a little different. The Symmetry iPhone 7 Plus case is slim and lightweight, but provides enough protection against accidental drops.

If you’ve got a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus, this case will make it look like the matter iPhone 7 Plus as the back cover is slightly hazy. Still, you can see the entire phone.

The Otterbox Symmetry Case for the iPhone 7 Plus is quite expensive for a clear case. It costs $50 and is available in several different color options.

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Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear Case


Made to perfectly fit and protect the iPhone 7 Plus, the Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear case is a good case to flaunt that Jet Black color.

The case offers MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 drop protection while being slim and clear. Raised edges in the front will also protect the display against scratches and scuffs.

You can but it on for $10 and it’s available three different colors. A simple, sleek and protective clear case for Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus.

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Rugged Cases for iPhone 7 Plus

UAG Plasma Case


We have come to love the Urban Armour Gear cases, and so has the rest of the world. They are lightweight and offer maximum drop and all-around protection for your smartphone.

The UAG Plasma case for the iPhone 7 Plus is sexy to look at and offers great grip and protection. It offers MIL STD 810G 516.6 drop protection and have been drop tested several times.

A truly rugged and stylish case for the iPhone 7 Plus. You can buy this from for $30. Available in other colors and designs as well.

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X-Doria Defense Case


This is a fairly new brand, but has impressed a lot of reviewers and customers. The X-doria Defense case for the iPhone 7 Plus a rugged case with lots of protection.

The case uses PolyOne material to provide protection against drops. It is a dual layer construction and extra protection on the corners. MIL-STD-810G drop protection certified without adding too much bulk.

Try out this rugged case, get it from for $28. Available in Gold, Silver, Space Gray and Rose Gold colors.

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SUPCASE Rugged Holster Case


SUPCASE Holster cases are for those who like to go on adventures and like to clip their iPhone on their belts. Well, regular customers can also buy this, but let us warn you, it is bulky!

This case provides full protection for your iPhone 7 Plus, even at the front thanks to the in-built screen protector. Your smartphone will be safe inside this dual-layer protective case. There’s a hard shell on the outside, and a flexible TPU shell inside.

The included belt clip holster lets you carry the smartphone with ease when you’re being adventurous. The lightning port features a removable cover that keeps dust out.

Available in five different colors on for around $20.

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Caseology Titan Series Case


Another rugged yet sleek case that will protect your new iPhone 7 Plus from drops, scratches and general abuse.

Caseology is a big name when it comes to smartphone accessories, and their Titan case for the iPhone 7 Plus is a very good choice.

The case offers a smooth finish that provides enough grip to not let the smartphone slip from your hand. It features two layers to provide maximum protection for the iPhone. The company’s patented Air Space technology helps improve drop protection at all four corners.

Available on in 4 different colors for about $16.

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There you have it. Some of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases available for purchase on Yes, there are more and we will add them in the future.

This list should be enough to make your decision when buying a case for the iPhone 7 Plus. You will find cheaper cases online, but these are branded and tested cases that do what they say and not destroy your expensive smartphone.

A case is an investment, therefore it is alright if you have to shell out around $30 – $50 for a good case. After all, you’re spending a lot on the smartphone.