Twitter is a social networking site that many of us are very familiar with. Over the past year it has developed a large following of dedicated users and has become one of the most popular websites for social networking [watch out Facebook]. The driving force behind Twitter’s exponential growth in popularity lies solely in its vast selection of mobile applications that allow users to “tweet” from any location, any time. For us BlackBerry users that are always on the go or simply need another excuse to play with our devices – mobile applications are a must have. Here in this article, I will do a brief review of some of the most popular and (in my opinion) best Twitter applications for BlackBerry.

Ubertwitter is probably one of the most common Twitter apps for Blackberry and is also one of the nicest. It sports an easy to use interface and comes packed with features. 
  • Use of multiple accounts
  • Viewing lists and trending topics
  • Twitlonger – allows posts of more than 140 characters
  • Keyboard shortcuts for different commands
  • After ‘@’ is typed, Ubertwitter brings up you friends list for easily mentioning people in Tweets
  • UberBar – tabs for timeline, mentions, DMs
Timeline w/ UberBar, Go to User screen, Trending Topics Screen
There are many other features included and make this app one of the favorites for BlackBerry users. Ubertwitter is also a free application that gets updated quite frequently. Beta 7 was just released not too long ago and you should give it a try if you haven’t already.
Twitter for BlackBerry has been one of the most anticipated Twitter applications for BlackBerry simply because it was created by RIM. It was recently released as an ‘invite only’ Beta application, but was leaked shortly thereafter. As a preliminary effort by RIM to make a Twitter app that can compete with all of the other apps floating around in the market, I would say that they did a pretty good job. Some of the features include:
  • Allows integration of message list
  • Use of BlackBerry shortcuts
  • Ribbon notifications
  • Compose tweets from menu
  • Search users, Twitter, and Popular topics
@BBLeaks profile page, Menu, Trending Topics Screen
I think that it could still use a bit more work before it is actually made available to everyone, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. It takes advantage of the user interface that makes the BlackBerry such an easy device to pick up and use. I love the fact that direct messages show up in the messages folder and open up in the Twitter app when you view them. One shortcoming I’ve experienced with this app is the fact that the Timeline has to be re-loaded every time you open the app. At the end of the day, RIM has built yet another solid application for us all to enjoy. I am anxious to see what steps they take in the future to make this application better. Twitter for BlackBerry has all of the potential it needs to become one of the most popular applications out there…but don’t just take my word for it…

SocialScope is another one of those applications that can only be obtained by requesting an invitation code. I was fortunate to receive a download code of my own a few months back, and since then, SocialScope has become one of my favorite apps. The layout and interface revolves around simplicity. There are 3 tabs at the top of the screen that lead to your timeline, mentions, or direct messages. It has a quick load time and a large number of features.


  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Use Twitter and Facebook
  • Address book integration
  • Post updates directly from inbox
  • @username highlighting
  • URL shrinking
  • BlackBerry shortcuts
  • Post updates to all of your social networks with one click
Update Status, Timeline, Settings Screen
As I mentioned before, this application is still in private Beta, but once it is finally released it will probably become one of the most popular Twitter apps.
This review is based on my personal experience with each of these applications. What are your favorite Twitter Apps??