Research In Motion is said to be making a ‘big’ announcement tomorrow at the oppening on Mobile World Congress (MWC). There has been much speculation over what RIM could be announcing. We were able to catch the leak as it dripped with details now for BESX and BlackBerry Sheild. Check out the details…


  • Different to small BES
    (BPS) in terms of features and version number (V4.1.6 versus V4.1)
  • Supports
    a maximum of
    30-users  –  same as BPS
    Express BUT seamless upgrade to BES
    NOT available
  • Only
    connects to
  • Available
    in EFIGS
BESX Pricing
  • Server
    provided FREE of
    cost as a download
  • BIS
    devices can be
    connected to Magellan
  • Therefore

    SME Customer can book the BB-Prosumer Tariff for Enterprise Service

  • Customer
    has to pay $5
    per user per month subscription, on-line, fee via RIM Portal
  • BB
    Prosumer Service Fee
    still needs to be paid by MNO to RIM

BlackBerry Shield

A personal
security device product that is user administered. BlackBerry
Shield will address an existing solution gap in the BlackBerry by offering the ability for BIS wirelessly backup/restore for consumers.
Shield  Features
  • Over the Air calendar and contact
    Backup/Restore capabilities
  • Remote Kill for device
    data wipe
  • Shield will maintain carrier engagement
    as opposed to bypassing them
  • Localization
  • English
    for V1, FIGS for V2