BlackBerry has apparently opened up the Beta Zone for more than just its own native apps. Today, MockIt!, a 3rd party app, has made its way into the Beta Zone and is now available for testing. You may recognize the developer, OSBB, from apps like SpaceTV, which is one of my personal favorites on BlackBerry 10. I get the feeling his new creation, MockIt!, will also be a fan favorite eventually. Right now, MockIt! can be used to generate memes using images that are in the app. It can also be used to generate high resolution device renders with your own screenshots. In this first beta release, the core functionality and early UI are present, but over the course of MockIt!’s beta program, much more functionality will be added as well.

Some features that will be upcoming include:

  • More memes!
  • Ability to use any image for a meme
  • More backgrounds for device mocks
  • Photo frames to use with any image
  • Image overlay effects for any image
  • …and more fun photo goodies

The idea of opening up the Beta Zone for 3rd party developers is fantastic in my opinion. Beta testing on BlackBerry 10 can be a bit cumbersome because there’s no OTA installation for apps, and everything needs to be sideloaded manually. The new Beta Zone app completely skips over this process, and as we know, allows over-the-air installs, making beta testing a lot smoother. Extending this ability to 3rd party developers will definitely make them happy. Make sure you give MockIt! a run by hitting the link below, or just open the Beta Zone app, look for the program, and join.