BlackBerry users beware, it seems there is a new threat on the rise to the unsuspecting. Websense ThreatSeeker Network intercepted a malware campaign targeting BlackBerry customers. Users will receive an email notification as if they have created a new BlackBerry ID.

The messages then continue, “To enjoy the full benefits of your BlackBerry ID, please follow the instructions in the attached file.” This is where it subsequently attempts to lure the user into downloading the attached malware.

Though, the email is a direct copy and paste from a legit BlackBerry ID generated email. Keep your eyes peeled as it’s pretty rampant malware. 17 out of 36 AV engines identify the malware in VirusTotal.

What does the malware do? Running the attachment drops other executable files and modifies the system registry to automatically start these malware programs when the system starts. Be careful Team BlackBerry, you’ve been warned!

via Net-Security