Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS has been virtually impossible to exploit, which has allowed it to become world renown for its security. However, according to TrendMicro, there is a new attack specifically targeting BlackBerry’s SMS feature.

“The ZeuS malware specifically targeting the BlackBerry OS is currently detected as BBOS_ZITMO.B. Just like its desktop counterpart, this ZeuS variant does not display any graphical user interface (GUI) that can prompt users about the infection. Instead, it removes itself from the list of applications, in order to effectively stay under the radar.”

Once the ZeuS trojan has been successfully installed it sends a confirmation notice to the administrator that it is ready for more commands, as shown by the image above. BBOS_ZITMO.B also lets the admin change it’s forwarding number using SMS, in the event the original number were to get tracked and deleted.

According to analysis, the ZeuS Trojan is capable of carrying out the following commands:

  • Display SMS: Unmonitored SMS will be treated as a normal SMS and will be displayed on the phone.
  • Delete/Drop SMS: SMS from hacker will not be seen by the user.
  • Forward SMS: Send SMS to hacker without the user’s knowledge.
  • Block Calls
  • Remove Block Calls
  • Set Administrator: Register a new administrator.
  • On/Off
  • Add Sender
  • Remove Sender
  • Set Sender
  • Block/Unblock Phone Numbers

It will be interesting to see if the ZeuS Trojan spreads wildly across BlackBerry devices. Do you think it could become an out of control problem? There is no mention of how exactly your BlackBerry could get affected – perhaps an infected app you download? We’re not sure. Nevertheless, if you like to prepare for the worst, before it happens, there is a free anti-virus app called Lookout. You can download this free software at here.