High Velocity IT let us know about their bhivetasks app for Blackberry.  This is something similar to the native Tasks app on a Blackberry but with a lot more features and a better user interface.  The app allows you to create task lists with reminders that integrate with your Calendar.  The app looks great, and is simple and fast.  Hit the jump for a full review and feature list.

When you’re looking at the dashboard of the app you have the option of adding a new task, or viewing current tasks.  You can view tasks based on their due date, based on custom folders, or based on their priority (low, medium, high).  One of the cool features of this app is the fact that from the dashboard, you can start typing and it will search through your tasks, this allows for fast task access.

Here is the screen for adding a task.  You of course can name the task, create custom folders to store the tasks in, add alarm reminders, and add a due date.  It also has a section to set the priority and add notes.  Another great feature is the homescreen icon shows how many pending tasks are in the app when you scroll over the icon.  All in all this is a great app and if you’re creating a lot of tasks this will help you stay organized. I give this app 4.5 our of 5 stars.

Application: bhivetasks
Developer: High Velocity IT
Price: $3.99
Devices Supported: All Blackberry Devices
OS Supported: 4.5+