“Fifty Shades of Grey” has been everywhere these past few weeks. Everyone has been talking about the movie – which hit theaters on Saturday – that was inspired by the famous novel that shares its name. Most would be surprised to find out where it got started though. Way before becoming a movie, and before becoming a best-selling series of books, author E.L. James stored early drafts of her hit books as a series of notes on her BlackBerry. Most of the novel was in fact typed out using the iconic keyboard we’ve all grown to love.

In an interview in April of 2012, James recalled her extensive BlackBerry usage while writing her books. “I used to write a lot of it on my way to work on my BlackBerry.” James would then send her notes, thoughts, and rough drafts to her Mac when she got home, and kept on writing. While she didn’t go into detail about which BlackBerry she was rocking back then, we’d assume that it was probably a Bold 9900, or Curve.

It’s impossible to know how much of an impact her BlackBerry had in her writing or how much longer it would have taken her to finish these extremely popular novels had it not for her phone. But being able to type out a long paragraph – or paragraphs – on the spot when the inspiration comes to you is priceless, and the sheer fact that she brought up her BlackBerry as an important part of her writing process speaks volumes.

Let’s hope BlackBerry is sending her a Classic as we speak. We’re sure millions of fans all around the world wouldn’t mind getting another two or three books from her in the future.