For years, the only way to get in touch with The Legend, Bill Murray, was through a mysterious 1-800 number. Unless, you have lived in Charleston, SC where he is a part owner of the minor league baseball team, the Riverdogs, and frequently parties with the locals at bars. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of The Legend’s company on a few occasions, but as expected the ladies were of higher priority, lol.

However, that might all be changing for hopeful movie producers, as the actor has finally upgraded to a smartphone. And not just any smartphone, Bill chose a BlackBerry. “I got it to communicate with my sons, because they will not answer a phone call, but they will answer a text,” he tells Variety’s Ramin Setoodeh.

One lucky person to have Bill’s new BlackBerry phone number is his “St. Vincent” co-star Naomi Watts, who said, “People have cast me as the person to get to him. Three people have called and asked, ‘Do you think you can get a script to Bill?’ I’m like, ‘Do I look like an agent?’”

It’s unclear which BlackBerry Bill has gotten. Perhaps, it is the new Passport, like fellow actor Tim Allen. Hopefully, Bill will join Allen and become a fan of N4BB!

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