This past week we gave further insight into the non-compression with BlackBerry 10. There isn’t compression on personal data with BlackBerry 10 due to it no longer using BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).

BIS would compress images, video, restrict file share size, email attachments, and more. It would even delay the sending of certain items while it had to be compressed.

While BIS did allow for minimal data usage it could be frustrating at times. From our article, some readers were a little confused and thought BIS would be phased out.

While true to a degree (in regards to BB10), here’s the reality of it all:

  • BlackBerry Internet Service  for services like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), email, social works and instant messaging, browsing, BlackBerry World, etc. remains available to customers globally on existing OS smartphones
  • BlackBerry Internet Service packages from carriers will remain available alongside BlackBerry 10, which has now launched in South Africa, the UK, the UAE and other markets.
  • BlackBerry 10 is a completely new and unique mobile computing experience, different from the BlackBerry Internet Service on BlackBerry OS smartphones.

With BlackBerry 10, users will no longer be forced to purchase a BIS plan. Instead, they will need to pick a data package appropriate to their needs. Some of these data plans are usually priced about the same as what BIS would normally cost.

It wouldn’t surprise me if we see BIS extended on through OS 8 and maybe 9, until the point when BB10 is fully fused with entry level and high-end devices.