Black Friday 2016 Microsoft deals
Black Friday 2016 deals from Microsoft

If you have plans to shop for a Windows 10 desktop or laptop this Christmas, you have an array of juicy deals from Microsoft beginning later this month. The Black Friday 2016 deals from Microsoft have already been leaked and there are plenty of them, particularly if your thoughts gravitate towards the Surface-branded hardware. To grab some of these deals, you may not need to wait till the Black Friday and that adds more excitement to Christmas shopping.

The Holiday Gift Guide for the season has a selection of these deals already available online at the Microsoft store and you can grab some of them right away if you don’t want to wait till Christmas. The company has not officially announced their Black Friday special deals as yet.

As is customary with Microsoft free returns and free shipping are offered with all the deals.

Here is a selection of the deals for your immediate appreciation. Visit the Holiday Gift Guide at leisure to examine the large basket of deals under different price bands to take your Black Friday 2016 picks before they are gone.

Games and consoles

  • $299 1TB Xbox Bundled offer
  • $249 Xbox Bundled offer with a special edition of Quantum Break
  • $79.99 Personalized Wireless Controller for Xbox
  • $69.99 Special Edition Dawn Shadow – Xbox Wireless Controller
  • $29.99 Xbox 360 Media Hard Drive 500GB (save $70)

Tablets and smartphones

  • $199 Dual SIM Microsoft Lumia 650
  • $99 Acer Liquid M330
  • $139 Lumia 550 Microsoft

Accessories & Miscellaneous

  • $199 JBL Pulse 2
  • $99.99 Surface Keyboard

Desktops and Laptops

  • $1,499 Surface Book laptop
  • $999 128GB Surface Pro 4
  • $199 Dell Inspiron 11 2 in 1 laptop Signature Edition (save $50)
  • $999 Dell XPS 13 9350 laptop Signature Edition (save $100)