BlackBerry 10.2 has just been named the best operating system in the world by India’s Digit magazine, beating out all the competition in terms of over a thousand parameters in ten separate categories.

Digit tested Android 4.4, BlackBerry 10.2 iOS 7.1.2, and Windows 8.1 in ten different areas including  browsing, e-mail, messaging, settings and customization, managing contacts and calling, photography, notifications, lock screen capability, search and video capture, and ended up with a score of 56.91. This was higher than all the competition, and BlackBerry excelled in 5 of the 1o categories.

This wasn’t a simple test, mind you. It took well over 400 hours of testing by a group of impartial intelligent users who were extensive in their experiments.

“So how do you go about ‘testing’ or ‘comparing’ OSes? For one, we couldn’t run benchmarks, because that’s a test of hardware running and OS and not really a test of the OS itself. What we really needed to do was to break down the functions of a mobile OS into components that highlight a particular use case and rate the ability of the OS on its ability to handle the task.”

After creating a spreadsheet with over 1000 lines of data, the parameters were tested, retested, and double checked by others unfamiliar with the OS to verify the ease of completing a task.

On top of that, this test was done with phones as they are out of the box. That means no mods on Android, or jailbreaking and iPhone, or downloading third-party apps on any of them.

It’s really a very interesting test with some of the most well thought out procedures and parameters I’ve ever seen, and that’s after only barely glancing at the data. I’m eager to dig in deep to that spreadsheet and see how the big four operating systems performed.

What I do know, however, is that BlackBerry came out on top and outperformed everyone. Congratulations BlackBerry! After having John Chen named as one of the top ten most powerful men in Canada, you’re having a pretty amazing week!

Check out the source link below for all the nerd-tastic data and findings from Digit, and drop a comment under that with your thoughts!

Source :

Digit Magazine