BlackBerry will soon rollout BlackBerry 10.2, which looks to bring a slew of enhancements. The new 10.2 update will bring new features including Android 4.2.2 runtime, pop-up actionable notifications, WiFi direct, enhanced voice commands (more similar to Siri), and much more.

The videos below shows the new actionable notifications. This not only allows users a preview message, but the ability to reply to them. These actionable pop-ups can also be enabled on the lock-screen.

And the second video…

Additionally, BlackBerry 10.2 will bring the follow new features:

Headless apps

Headless apps will be able to run in the background or be triggered instead of showing up and running as a pane.

USB Host Capability

This should allow you to connect usb sticks to BlackBerry devices and transfer files.

WiFi Direct and Miracast

This will allow Wi-Fi connectivity directly between devices instead of going through a router.  This will essentially act like Bluetooth, but use the Wi-Fi radio for faster transfer speeds. Miracast will use Wi-Fi Direct for high bandwidth transmission of video to an external display.

Flurry Analytics

BlackBerry will support the analytics solution called Flurry which can help developers understand their customers better and create better apps via analytics solutions.

Smart cards

Smart card support will allow BlackBerry 10 devices to act as access cards to physical buildings/rooms via NFC.


The altimeter would allow developers to make apps that can use altitude information.  This is either access to an existing barometer in the Z10, or simply a way to obtain altitude information from a GPS location.


Geofencing on BlackBerry smartphones will allow developers the ability to create apps which work or respond depending on a precise area you’re in.  This can be useful for securing smartphones for business within a complex, or an application for notifying whether your child leaves a certain virtual area.

Android Jelly Bean Support

Along with OS 10.2, BlackBerry should be rolling out support for Android Jelly Bean Apps.  This should bring in many new high-quality Android apps that are designed for the latest Android smartphones.

via BBin, CB