After giving us some pictures of the new 10.3 update yesterday, ZonaBlackBerry is back at it with a complete hands-on video of the OS they got ahold of. The video is a complete overview of everything that’s new in Spanish. The guys of ZBB cover everything that’s new in this specific OS version, which again, may not even make it to the final 10.3 release version. As we know, things can get completely changed or tweaked down the line, and it’s still fairly early in the 10.3 life cycle.

One thing that’s interesting to note is that with this OS, the Z10 has four rows of icons only. Not sure if it’ll stay this way down the road, but many believed the Z10 would be getting an extra row of icons based on a tip from Michael Clewley before. 

At least, this video should be enough proof to everyone that said the previous pictures of 10.3 running on a Z10 from ZonaBlackBerry were fake. They obviously weren’t.

Check out the video above, and let us know what you think about the direction BlackBerry is taking 10.3 in the comments!