BlackBerry has officially started the rollout of OS 10.3.2 to users in the USA. The first wave of updates has dropped for Classic users on T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

BlackBerry says, “AT&T customers and folks outside of the US, the 10.3.2 update will be available in the coming weeks.”

BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 update will give users access to the Protect feature, which many long-time BlackBerry users grew to love. Additionally, users who were not on a BB10 version that supported the Amazon App Store, those users will now have the app for access to Android apps.

The BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 update will be available for all BlackBerry 10 devices – BlackBerry Passport, Classic, and Leap, as well as the Z3, Z10 and Z30, and the Q5 and Q10, and all of the Porsche Design devices, too.

BackBerry has also announced a follow-up OS update by way of BlackBerry 10.3.3, but specific details have not yet been revealed.

Nevertheless, USA users, start checking your device to see if you have the new OS 10.3.2 update ready for download.