Adding to the array of keyboard shortcuts available on BB10 QWERTY devices. The folks over at BBin have found a neat spacebar shortcut that allows you to minimize running application to its active frame. The space bar already allows us via a quick tap to scroll down within an application, but on the latest builds of BlackBerry 10.3, the unreleased forthcoming iteration of the OS a long press on the space bar allows you to minimize applications with ease.

No longer will a Q10 user have to fight to hit the thin bottom bezel above the keyboard just to minimize a live application. This keyboard addition speaks volumes to the inefficiencies BlackBerry is still building into the UX of their devices. With 10.3.1 coming in fall and new hardware like the Q20 and Windermere device it makes perfect sense to replication some of the interactions (like a long press) that we’re so familiar with on the BB10 OS already.

Attached is a quick video that highlights the newly uncovered feature as well as some other keyboard shortcuts that already exist on QWERTY BB10 models.