BlackBerry 10.3’s “Tease Tour” continued today courtesy of Michael Clewley. He’s shown off a couple of new changes and improvements coming to BlackBerry 10.3 in the last few days, and today it has revolved more around the Hub, and emailing.

For starters, 10.3 will implement what Clewley calls “another BBOS highly requested feature.” As support will be “added for users to file their sent messages” as shown in the picture above. Now, this one got me a little confused, because I’m pretty sure we can already check and sort our emails by “Sent” in the Hub as shown in the picture below taken from my Z10 on 10.2.1.


I’m probably missing something, or there’s just more that goes into this specific feature. If any of you know, leave us a comment below.

Clewley also talked about another cool add-on: the ability to delete original text from an email reply. Instead of having to deal with a long chain of text, this option will be added to the side menu for easy access and convenience as shown below.