Take a look at BlackBerry 10.3s quick settings, which are now accessible via a two finger swipe down within applications. This was a much requested refinement from end users. BlackBerry is definitely listening!

We already have a swipe down menu within applications using a single finger. On 10.3+, you no longer need to leave the application just to access those oh so handy quick settings, not to mention the date, time, battery percentage, signal strength, Wifi toggle, flashlight – all that good stuff.

The only thing quick settings could be “missing” is media controls for music and video. Ultimately a personal preference. Media control overlays are built into the OS with a small window that comes down contextually when in use, but making it even more integral to the settings pane could help boost the overall utility.

Me personally? I miss the corner swipes from PlayBook!! I’d love to have settings accessible without bringing my finger to the top bezel but, I must say, the paradigm as it is now has grown on me. NO need to fix something that isn’t broken.